Image of Preston Manor - Brighton - Saturday 7th March 2020

Preston Manor - Brighton - Saturday 7th March 2020

£10.00 – £49.00

Join us as we return to this incredible location for the first time in a few years.

Preston Manor has always been a firm favourite with most of the PA team and we are very much looking forward to our return

Tales of ghostly sightings and supernatural experiences at Preston Manor go back through history. In the late nineteenth century the family living in the Manor were so disturbed by unexplained events that they hired a medium to conduct a series of séances. A transcript of one séance is in existence amongst private documents held by Brighton & Hove Museums.

After Preston Manor became a public museum in the 1930’s strange happenings continued in the building and grounds. Some modern day staff and visitors to Preston Manor have reported feeling a variety of unusual sensations including inexplicable scents and sounds, which all lead to the building retaining an eerie reputation.

An episode of ‘Most Haunted’ featured the Manor and was broadcast in 2006. The Most Haunted team reported that their vigil was one of the most active they have encountered.

Our team of experienced investigators look forward to welcoming you and will demonstrate how to use all of the latest ghost hunting equipment that you will be using during the evenings experiments and team vigils.

Investigation runs from 8pm til 2am

£49.00 per person

Tea & Coffee provided throughout the night along with a tuckshop selling extras like Chocolate & Crisps & drinks