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Paranormal Adventures Spiritual School - Fort Widley


Image of Paranormal Adventures Spiritual School  - Fort Widley

Paranormal Adventures are excited to bring you 2 Mediums Chris Telfer & Andy Smith. We will be running a series of workshops throughout 2019 at Locations throughout the UK.

Have a look below at the events and what each one will contain.

Each Course is £35 or book all 4 for £100

Workshop 1 - Saturday 12th January
General Introduction to Psychic and Spiritual Development
How to protect and ground yourself
Sitting in the Power
Different energies
Different senses of awareness

Workshop 2 Trance and Altered States - Saturday 2nd March
Introduction into the altered state of consciousness
Sitting in the power
Automatic writing/drawing

Workshop 3 Psychic and Spirit connection - Saturday 13th July
Sitting in the power
Building up confidence
Remote viewing
Recognising Spirit presence
Giving and receiving messages from Spirit

Workshop 4 Enhancing Spirit connection - Saturday 26th October
This workshop will include everything that has been covered in workshop 3 and is designed for people who wish to further their development, there will be a number of exercises to enable and enhance your ability for psychic and spiritual connection.